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Hi and welcome to Newneps

2 June 2018

We are slowly, (finally!) starting to add some new Nepenthes plants to the "For Sale" pages and, so far so good, the systems seem to be working. The odd glitch is being ironed out but on the whole we're happy and we hope that you're going to be too. 

NB: Anyone placing an additional order within the postal time frame (we ship twice a month) can adjust the shipping price to zero by clicking on the "Free if adding plants to existing order within shipping dates.: $0.00" button, on the Cart page prior to checkout. 

So looking forward to getting back on track!

30 April 2018

We would like to apologise to you guys. It seems that every time we get close to listing plants something has come and knocked us off our feet. From customs' rejections to a flood wiping us out two weeks before we were to go live (Lismore's 2017 50 year flood) and a significant health event that has taken us off the scene for the last 12 months and from which we are only just now starting to recover.

However, last year we did manage to squeeze in an import of ex-TC stock which have now been sitting in pots for the last 12 months getting ready to send out. More on that to follow. We also have some new plans and direction for where we are about to head in the near and long term future which is a great relief as we were starting to get a little lost as to where to go from here.

We're really looking forward to getting back on track and helping you out with some long awaited collectors plants and thank you, once again, for your patience. We honestly never intended for things to go this way or to take so long.