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Newneps Sustainably Sourced Products




Hi and welcome to Newneps online Nepenthes Nursery.


Our current plans are to send out an availability list early Autumn

We are importers and growers of nepenthes plants offering them to the Australian collectors market. We import most of our stock from Borneo Exotics in Sri Lanka, weaning them here in our nursery prior to offering them for sale. We are always striving to improve our propagating techniques which in turn lowers our costs and provides more affordable carnivorous plants for you guys, that has been our goal from day one and we see a very bright future for the Australian Nepenthes market. 

 We are also seeking expressions of interest from those who might like to receive plants from microprop to wean them themselves in 2019 directly from one of our BE imports. These will be offered wholesale in lots of 10-20+ plants per type. If interested please contact me at newneps@gmail.com