About Us

Welcome to NewNeps, we are collectors and importers of carnivorous plants specialising in Nepenthes.

We are Australia’s distributor for Borneo Exotics bringing new and exciting Nepenthes for sale ranging from the easy care hybrids designed for the beginner nep owner right through to some of the world’s rarest and most exotic species for the specialist high end collectors who are wanting to expand their beloved collection.

The process of importing plants has at times been a challenging process mainly when it comes to navigating the Australian quarantine* and customs system. However after more than two and a half years of working on this project we are finally able to supply these plants to the Australian market.

We are also looking forward to offering Borneo Exotic’s Bio-Dome also. The Bio-Dome is innovative and very simple system that will enable anyone to grow Nepenthes plants at home, in the office, greenhouse or garden with minimal care and/or maintenance. This will open up the joy of Nepenthes ownership to everyone, not just those with specialist skills, knowledge and facilities to manage this (at times) temperamental plant species.

We are genuinely excited to be able to provide Australian Nepenthes buyers with access to the international market and plants not often seen in this country. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Brendon & Penny Newbold

Newneps Proprietors

*A note about AQIS: Newneps adopts a stringent approach to disease control and Australian quarantine procedures.All imported plants sold by Newneps are legally acquired and processed through AQIS customs with correct import/export CITES certificates and are subject to a three month period in an Australian quarantine facility. Newneps holds all current import permits as required by law and is fully compliant with Australian import regulations.